165 FS Strategy and Project Management with Marie Poulin


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    00:58 – Marie Poulin Introduction

    01:42 – Marie’s Background and Digital Strategy School Evolution

    04:57 – Working with Breanne Dyck

    06:55 – Freelancer => Strategic Business Owner

    • “Everything that’s on your plate is there because you said yes to it.” — Danielle LaPorte

    09:33 – Mindset: Looking At Your Business as a Business (Getting Serious)

    14:55 – Business Audit: Why are you doing what you are doing? What do you want to accomplish with your business?

    21:38 – Execution

    24:27 – Accountability and Discipline

    29:13 – Making Tough Decisions

    35:18 – Mastermind Groups

    44:44 – Doki


    Vornado 530 Compact Whole Room Air Circulator (Eric)
    Paracord (Chuck)
    Soto Pocket Torch (Chuck)
    The Strategic Designer: Tools & Techniques for Managing the Design Process by David Holston (Marie)
    Creative Confidence by Tom and David Kelley (Marie)
    [TED Talk] Brene Brown: The Power of Vulnerability (Marie)