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01:39 - Purchase Criteria

08:09 - At what point to do you switch/kill off/upgrade services and/or hardware?

  • Lost Productivity Costs

21:03 - Justifying Big Equipment/Furniture Purchases

32:58 - Try Before You Buy

37:04 - Travel Expenses

47:33 - Quality = Positive Return On Investment (ROI)

  • Self-Representation


Products and Services Referenced During This Episode:


ExpressVPN (Reuven)
Young Money: Inside the Hidden World of Wall Street's Post-Crash Recruits by Kevin Roose (Reuven)
CommitStrip: A Very Common Coder’s Youthful Mistake (Eric)
Paul Jarvis: The one thing every aspiring freelancer, college student or person with access to a time machine should know (Eric)
Amazon Echo (Jonathan)
1-877-223-0342 (Chuck) (Chuck)



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