01:56 - Rest & Leisure Time (Away From the Computer!)

11:44 - Making Time and Creating Habits & Routines

22:23 - Professional Development Training

30:11 - Days/Nights Out with Family & Friends and CoWorking & Networking (Getting Your People Fix)

37:03 - Scheduling Commitments

41:19 - Business Upkeep (Bookkeeping, Client Follow Ups, etc.)

48:07 - Make Small Changes


100 Days of Burpees Facebook Group (Jonathan)
Kirk Parsley: America's biggest problem @ TEDxReno (Jonathan)
Philip Morgan: CTA-able Content Marketing (Eric)
Twitter Analytics (Reuven)
Animal, Vegetable, Miracle: A Year of Food For Life by Barbara Kingsolver (Reuven)
ElectoralVote (Reuven)
15 Minute Podcast Listener chat with Charles Wood (Chuck)
Pebble Time (Chuck)



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