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02:59 – Mojca Marš

04:02 – As freelancers, why do (should) we care about Facebook?

06:22 – Where do you start? How often should you post?

09:18 – Who is going to see my page if I don’t advertise it?

11:41 – Who is going to see my new content?

12:52 – Growing a Community (Facebook Page) vs Growing Your Mailing List

16:07 – Why are people on Facebook? Who is on Facebook?

19:39 – What should I post? How do I post without being salesy?

  • Be yourself!

25:38 – What kind of page should I make?

31:25 – Should all businesses advertise on Facebook?

35:24 – Building Trust with Users

37:41 – Involving Your Audience

39:11 – Building a Community and then Marketing to that Community

42:30 – Experimentation and Testing


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Sriracha Ketchup (Jonathan)
The Independent Consulting Manual: An Insider’s Guide to Building Six-Figure Solo Consultancies (Philip)
All Remote Confs (Chuck)
Freelancer Remote Conf (Chuck)
Clash of Clans (Chuck)
The Power of Habit: Why We Do What We Do in Life and Business by Charles Duhigg (Mojca)
Spark (Mojca)
Staples Easy Button (Mojca)
Dinosaur Onesie (Mojca)


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