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02:41 – Brennan Dunn Introduction

04:00 – Roadmapping vs Estimating

05:28 – Why Brennan Started Roadmapping

09:38 – Paying for Roadmapping

16:03 – What goes into a roadmapping proposal?

19:14 – Reducing Risk

21:52 – Fixed Bids

25:32 – Common Objections

32:23 – Courting a Client

37:13 – Roadmapping for Strategic Projects

44:53 – Pricing

48:29 – Mistakes Made Along the Way


Dropshare (Jonathan)
Horace and Pete (Jonathan)
The Expanse (Philip)
Thrive Landing Pages (Philip)
Machine Learning Mastery (Reuven)
The Terrible Two Get Worse (Reuven)
The Microsoft Build Conference (Chuck)
HoloLens (Chuck)
Retreats (Chuck)

MicroConf (Chuck)
Advance Custom Fields (Brennan)
WooCommerce (Brennan)
Mastering Project Roadmaps (Brennan)
Double Your Freelancing Conference (Brennan)



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