218 FS Don’t Agree to Project Deadlines


    1:06 – Jonathan suggested topic: Why are deadlines bad?

    7:30  Deadlines are binary

    11:28 Timelines

    12:38 Weekly conversations

    13:54 How to deal with a drop dead deadline

    15:53 How do you agree to multiple features How much margin do you put on it?

    17:05 Do you agree to what you think you can get done?

    19:41 Why do you see developers agree to deadlines

    22:06 Negotiating

    24:40 Say no to clients who won’t agree to a deadline

    27:27 Don’t take the risk

    27:40 Solutions

    31:13 Do you say no to a client who is insistent on a deadline?

    35:24 Projects that drag on

    38:00 Uncertain end date

    43:47 An easy trap to fall into

    44:27 Learn your lines

    47:30 Explain the downside to a deadline



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