1:00: Simon’s introduction

3:00: Hosting meetups and workshops

  • How to set up a workshop
  • Logistics involved in finding a venue and managing the event
  • How to decide what to talk about
  • Is it crucial that the meetups be local?
  • Eventbrite

13:00: Speaking at conferences

  • How it differs from hosting workshops
  • How to meet people at the conferences even if you’re not speaking officially
  • Getting the audience engaged and ready to take the next step
  • LeadPages

22:30: Set up a booth at an industry trade show

  • How the look and feel of your booth can draw in attention
  • How to best choose an event
  • Is it worth investing in company swag to hand out?
  • Best way to collect emails at events
  • .NetRocks

35:00: Cold Call in Person

  • How research can help make a sale
  • Why in-person meetings can be more beneficial than telephone calls
  • StickyApps

41:50: More from Simon


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