1:00: Topic Introduction

  • Burnout

3:15: Set workday and structure

8:00: How Chuck’s business makes money

  • Philip’s explanation of how he runs his business
  • Time vs. money
  • Prioritizing

13:50: What is burnout?

  • An opportunity for transformation
  • Too tired, too overwhelmed

15:25: The importance of saying no

  • “I can’t do it all.”
  • Ask yourself what’s profitable
  • Construct something to fill the void of working less
  • Take a day off

22:00: Keeping commitments


25:10: Automate and delegate

  • Training others to take on some of the work
  • Just work on the important stuff

30:45: The importance of sleep

32:00: Pre-planning

  • Planning ahead of time for the week
  • Derailment from the plan

36:20: Business and discipline

  • Limiting checking email
  • Interruptions: Slack, Skype, Instant Messenger

43:00 Talk about it

  • It’s not only you


Gimlet Science Vs (Reuven)

Huawei P9 Phone (Reuven)

Fish farms, fishing, family time (Charles)

Neighborhood groups on Facebook

Paradise is There, Natalie Merchant (Philip)




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