0:45: Introductions

2:40: Building an Agency

  • Adding employees
  • Traditional vs 1099 model

7:30: Where you’re spending your time

  • Running the business vs. doing your craft
  • Risks of agency vs. risks of freelancing
  • Mistakes agency-owners make

11:00: Financial metrics

  • 55% salaries, 25% overhead, 20% profit
  • Smart hiring

18:40: Freelancing is a people business

19:30: Agencies must embrace all things digital

  • SEO
  • SEM
  • WordPress
  • Art vs data and ROI

23:15: The future of agencies

  • Demonstrable ROI
  • Pricing and value

27:00: Bringing on a partner

  • Skill sets
  • Types of leadership

33:40: Where to begin

  • Marketing
  • Time investment

37:20: Having a vision: What is your best life?

  • The Reporter


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