226 FS Podcasting for Freelancers


    1:00 Topic Introduction: Podcasting for Freelancers

    • All panelists have a podcast

    2:00 Why start a podcast?

    • Building trust
    • Getting to know you
    • Portability

    6:30 Benefits over video

    • Less to get in the way of the message
    • Simpler to put together
    • Defining the purpose
    • Different type of call to action

    15:15: Getting listeners to return to the podcast

    • Picks
    • Marketing, display advertising, brand advertising
    • Podcast Motor

    22:45: Podcasting as a self-referral

    26:20: What to talk about

    • Define your audience
    • Specific questions to ask
    • Experiment
    • Pick something you’re excited about

    39:00: What if podcasting for your peers is not working?

    • Monetizing
    • Outreach

    46:30: Making your content interesting

    • Format
    • Personality and preferences
    • Make sure you’re having fun
    • Pick a focus
    • Making the execution the product


    Ditching Hourly podcast (Jonathan)

    Todd Tresidder on Double Your Freelancing (Jonathan)

    Stripped, Macy Gray (Philip)

    The Online Photographer: 1000 Fans (Philip)

    Podcast Answer Man (Charles)

    Podcasting A to Z (Charles)

    12 Week Year (Charles)

    Freelance Remote Conf for 2017 (Charles)