227 FS Building Courses with Anna Sabramowicz


    1:00: Introduction

    3:05: Marketing

    5:00: What to put in the course

    • What problems do you solve?

    9:00: What type of course?

    24:00: Data testing

    • Positioning
    • Ask the right questions

    38:30: Tools

    • Start small
    • Teachable.com
    • Drip

    45:30: Be a student

    • Create an outline


    Weekly newsletters (Reuven)

    Lerner Consulting (Reuven)

    Ikea New Cordless Milk Frother Handheld Cappuccino Latte Espresso (Jonathan)

    Ditchinghourly.com (Jonathan)

    Deadline Funnel (Philip)

    Ringr (Philip)

    Webinar Jam (Charles)

    Presentation Clicker (Charles)

    Firewatch (Anna)

    Papers, Please (Anna)

    Mark’s Daily Apple (Anna)