230 FS Differentiating Yourself



    • How to differentiate yourself from the crowd
    • When you’re not the cheapest option
    • Fungibility

    6:00: It has to matter to your client.

    • Different differentiations for each client

    8:50: Marketing and customizing your proposal

    • Figure out who your competitors are
    • Niche down on a specialty or target market

    15:40: What are you offering that others aren’t?

    • Training
    • Tangible and intangible benefits

    20:20: Developing a compelling value proposition

    • Eight ways to add more value

    22:00 Back it up with proof

    27:00: Six categories of differentiators

    • Predictable cost
    • Risk mitigation
    • Concierge service
    • Vertical specialization
    • Urgent service
    • Shared worldview

    32:15: Commoditization

    • Be choosy
    • Be passionate
    • Use trial and error

    42:15: Freelancing vs consulting

    • Different mindsets
    • Work your way up
    • Let your differentiation develop over time


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