231 FS When to Move On (Chuck Leaving)


    00:30 Chuck leaving the show

    1:18 Introducing the topic: Knowing when to move on

    5:40 Leaving a successful podcast

    15:11 Deciding when to move on

    19:19 Being spread too thin versus being effective

    22:54 Improving workflow

    25:30 Chuck’s focus on online conferences

    28:30 Overcoming resistance to change in business

    30:05: Getting through lean times

    33:22 Hiring help and outsourcing tasks

    35:09 Future of DevChat.tv podcasts


    Selling to Big Companies by Jill Konrath (Reuven)

    Soundbreaking on PBS (Philip)

    This American Life: Quitting (Philip)

    Philip Morgan – Retired page (Philip)

    2017 Wall Calendar – Neuyear.net (Charles)

    Amazon Echo Dot (Charles)