233 FS Meddling Clients



    4:15: Communication

    • Set goals for the project with the client.
    • Don’t ask the customer’s opinion.

    9:15: Staff augmentation

    • Behaving as an employee
    • Become a consultant or advisor instead.

    16:20: Consultant vs. employee

    21:30: Client wants to be involved more.

    • Run any request past the business case.
    • Keep the project on course.

    30:00: Target businesses without your capabilities in-house.

    • Do more than just your craft.
    • Ask the right questions.
    • Establish yourself as an expert.

    39:40: Maximize your profit.

    • Not just revenue.
    • Don’t give away your knowledge for free.
    • Value is contextually defined.

    45:45: What to say to clients.

    • Find out the business goal.
    • Communicate about progress.
    • Ask for more information about customers.


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