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Building Your Audience

On episode 238 of The Freelancers Show, Jonathan Stark and Reuven Lerner discuss how you can increase your online presence by  Building Your Audience with the use of newsletters and lists. Listen to the podcast to learn how!

Build a List

When Reuven started online, everyone said you must have a mailing list to be successful. To Reuven, that seemed old-school. He thought process being, I've got a website and people can contact me, why would I need a list and what would I do with it? Over time, he's discovered how crucially important that list is. Reuven has two completely different audiences that he's been growing over the last year with some degree of success. And plenty of scars to prove that learning comes in fits and starts.


Reuven has had his list for about 3 years now. Marcus Johnson advised Reuven to send out newsletters every week and not every so often. Then on occasion he sends out announcements. For the past 3 months he's been sending out weekly newsletters using Evergreen because it's automated. He currently has 3 newsletters that he sends out. His main one is Let'Becomeme Better Developers and two smaller ones. His list is currently up to about 2700.

Getting Started

Reuven began by hosting webinars every two months or so. If the webinar had to do with Python, then he would announce it to the Python mailing list. Python Weekly and Pycoders Weekly would normally pick it up. Those that signed up would be added to Reuven's mailing list. Those that signed up would be added to Reuven's mailing list. He could count on about 100 people so his list would grow by 100-200 every 2 months. If Reuven had a blog post that went somewhat viral, he could count on a bunch more from there. This all seemed like one-hit wonders to Reuven and he was always having to come up with something new.

Content Upgrades

Recently, Reuven has done content upgrades. For instance, if you have a blog post that mentions code, have a content upgrade. Meaning, download the code and add it to your blog. This has gone nowhere for him now. To hear how Reuven uses his Python cheat sheets and other ways of Building Your Audience, download and listen to the entire episode.

Get Connected

Reach out to Jonathan by following and tweeting him @jonathanstark. Don’t forget to let him know you heard about him on Devchat.tv’s Freelancers podcast! If you’re short on time, here are the highlights of Building an Audience: What about newsletters? (1:19) How is he growing his list? (3:12) How did Reuven build a Chinese list? (10:14) Facebook Ads (17:50) Under the radar email lists (21:12) What do you put in the signature line? (36:21) Ideas from email responses (57:08)


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