246 FS Continuous Improvement


    Continuous Improvement

    How do you get better? Philip, Jonathan, and Reuven have been consulting for some time already. At present, they think about how they can improve and receive feedback on their work. Tune in to episode 246 of the Freelancers' Show as they discuss about continuous improvement!

    The Need for Feedback

    For a year and a half now, Reuven has been conducting trainings about Python. In most of his classes, he tries to experiment with his approach and improve on his teaching. But, he couldn't tell how much things have changed or if things have improved at all.

    Focus on Exercises

    Every year in his courses, Reuven does his best to reduce content and increase the number of exercises instead. His first Python courses were quite funny. He tried to squeeze in content as much as he could.

    He learned a lot from that first teaching experience. Now, what he does is try to give his students a hands-on experience. He also got rid of slide shows, and just draw things on the board—making sure the students are engaged throughout.

    Dealing with Different Backgrounds

    Reuven sees two reasons why his first courses were overpacked with content. First, the company he did training with had a list of topics that they expected him to cover. Second, he thought he shared the same level of understanding with the students.

    What happened was the students came in with different knowledge backgrounds. What seemed easy for some was strange to others. For that, he had to use examples and explain the ideas more to get everyone on the same page.

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