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Curtis McHale On...

Jonathan Stark, Philip Morgan and Reuven Lerner welcome this week's special guest Curtis McHale. Curtis is a marketing expert that specializes in the technical market. Today, the Freelancers discuss what it takes to market your technical online business in  Curtis McHale On...

Curtis the Coach

Curtis has been building websites for 10 years. Specifically eCommerce and membership websites. He also does business coaching to help technical people with the success of their business. Curtis is also a writer. His new book came out in January of this year, Finding and Marketing to Your Niche. This book was born of the need to narrow marketing targets as opposed to massive action. His target market is technical people.

Finding His Niche

Curtis narrowed down his target market but looking at what he enjoyed doing, who did he like and who did he like working with. For instance, if you have helped four or five restaurants continue within that niche if you liked it. If you didn't maybe tweak it slightly to use as case studies and find that vertical.

What's Important to Focus on?

When Curtis says "market", he's referring to your website in most cases. Most technical people have a website with a blog for their homepage and it's usually difficult to navigate. You don't want your potential clients having to dig through your website to figure out what you could help them with. You want your homepage to focus on one problem that you can solve.

Your Call to Action

It's important to have a call to action. It might be jumping on an email list, a lead magnet like, "the Five Mistakes People Make with membership Sites", testimonials and videos are effective as well. Curtis likes video testimonials the walk people through questions. He enjoys making them and they are a really effective marketing tool for his site. To hear what the Freelancers say next, download and listen to the entire episode of _Curtis McHale On..._If you're short on time, here are the highlights of Curtis McHale On...:Who is Curtis McHale? (0:38) What does Curtis say about a target niche? (3:42) How should you adjust your website? (4:55) Asking tough questions (10:53) Email lists (22:21) Make your boss look amazing (34:27) What does Curtis say about networking? (41:40)

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