Reuven L.

Jonathan S.

Phillip M.

In this episode of the Freelancer’s Show, Reuven follows up on a previous episode, episode 257, about a launch on a product by Reuven. The team centers their discussion around ideas that were executed well, things that could have been done better, and next steps post-launch.

Reuven gives a brief summary of the Python exercises or classes he turned into a subscription service. Reuven talks about his marketing strategy, and the audience he pitches this course to. The Freelancers talks about the many different areas of marketing and production building to launch a successful product.

In particular, we dive pretty deep on:

  • Reuven talks about his subscription service, both on a monthly and annual billing model
  • Some discussion about why followers unsubscribe
  • How Reuven was promoting the course or subscription to the audience
  • Reuven talks about how he uses tools like Zapier to help with the email marketing strategy.
  • Tools used like Easy Digital Downloads or EDD.
  • Issues with unsubscribes and PayPal.
  • Phillip references FS 236 about building your own system for billing and possible issues.
  • Reuven talks about issues with running a business outside of the US and using Stripe
  • Freelancers talk about refunding.
  • What is a healthy product?
  • Getting more subscribers
  • Writing a sales campaign email along with Drip automation to reach the email list
  • Redoing the sales page to show customer testimonials
  • Discussion about Python 





  • Python Programming Language