Reuven L.

Jonathan S.

Kai Davis

In this episode of the Freelancer’s Show, the discussion topic is Self Publishing vs. Traditional Publishing. The panel talks about the books they’ve published in the past and the details of each experience before and after launching a book.

We learn the pros and cons of self and traditional publishing. Each panel member discusses their experience with contracts, deals, cash advances and royalties. Also, some in-depth discussion on the when and why you would want to self-publish. Lastly, the panel talks about what is next with their publications.

In particular, we dive pretty deep on:

  • What it means to go to traditional publishing company
  • Advance payments and royalties
  • Limitation on book sales and ending royalties at the same time
  • Translations of book sales
  • Collaborative process
  • Software develops should at least write one book
  • Tradition publishing helps get the book completed and distributed.
  • Help with including in different resources in the traditional route.
  • Traditional publishing helps with editing, moving copies.
  • The money made on self-publishing vs traditional
  • Your book is a 300-page business card
  • Price of book verse the knowledge inside
  • Book sales coupons codes
  • You don’t have to conform with traditional aspects with self-publishing
  • and much more.







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