FS: 268: The Four Stages of Freelancing With Guest Jason Scott Montoya



    Jonathan S.

    Kai Davis

    Phillip M.

    Special Guest: Jason Scott Montoya

    In this episode of the Freelancer’s Show welcomes freelancer and author Jason Scott Montoya. The Freelancers dive into a discussion about Jason’s book, “Path of the Freelancer”. Jason defines and outlines freelancing for those on the path or getting started. Jason talks about the 4 stages of freelancing: survivor, dreamer, visionary, and achiever stage.

    Furthermore, Jason provides what he calls the 8 achievements and a formula of intentionality to streamline your path, workload, to grow your business. Jason helps you to ask yourself the right questions, to gain your full potential, as a freelancer. Listen closely as Jason and the panel outline some frequently asked questions as a freelancer.

    In particular, we dive pretty deep on:

    • A freelancer is someone who works for multiple clients and multiple streams of income.
    • A consultant and a freelancer
    • Four stages of freelancing
    • Stages of maturity
    • Managing money
    • 8 achievements
    • Formula of intentionality
    • Arriving a success
    • Why am I Freelancing?
    • Carrer pivot
    • Values, purpose, vision, and mission
    • Building a wall of intentionality
    • Mission and strategy
    • Billing
    • You need community to build a virtual sales team
    • Gaining clients and building a funnel
    • Step by step process, defining your annual income
    • Communication and compensation
    • Blogging
    • and much more.





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