FS 271: Aging as a Freelancer



    Jonathan Stark

    Phillip Morgan

    In this episode of the Freelancer’s Show, Johnathan and Phillip discuss aging as a freelancer. The topics cover the meager beginnings of a freelancer’s life to the advance contractor's success.  Phillip and Johnathan talk about things concerning personal energy levels in a brick and mortar job vs. freelancing, insurances, repetition of the job, staying interested in your job, and networking, and the highs and low expectation of contracting throughout a freelancing career.

    In particular, we dive pretty deep on:

    • Aging as you work for yourself
    • Energy
    • Multiple forms of insurance
    • Stability in your career
    • Growing in your career
    • Living out of a car or small spaces
    • Expectation of freelancing
    • Boredom on the job
    • Finding yourself doing the same thing as your younger peers
    • Making a difference in the world
    • Having to learn new platforms to keep your career exciting
    • Laborious feelings about specialization
    • Doing vertical moves, or lateral moves
    • Motivation and expertise to advise
    • And much more!