FS 272: Pricing and Positioning

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Panel: Reuven Lerner Phillip Morgan Kai Davis In this episode of the Freelancer’s Show, Reuven, Phillip, and Kai discuss pricing and positioning as a freelancer. The discussion covers positioning your business to charge premium rates,  charging more verses looking like a discount service, and getting more clients when rates are higher.  The Freelancer also discuss what signal prices send to the customer?  Does this matter in reference to value, and is the price justified? Also, how to position your price internationally, concerning culture and prices.  This is a great episode understand your position for your fees on products, sales, or services. In particular, we dive pretty deep on:

  • What do you position yourself to charge premium pricing for your services?
  • How not look like discount services
  • Looking at the market price of your service
  • Pricing to low for your service - why you should avoid it
  • Price is the lever we fall to -  Is this the advantage?
  • Becoming price locked with your client.
  • What signal prices sends to the customer?
  • Specialized service
  • Positioning internationally
  • Urgent decisions on prices
  • Creating scarcity
  • How sticky or memorable is your pricing?
  • Strategy and increasing prices
  • Charging different rates for services
  • Pricing play
  • The opportunities of charging more
  • Raising rates by 10- 25 percent after success and wins
  • Raise rates after 3 months
  • And much more! Picks: Reuven
  • Naked Money
  • New Bills  Philip
  • NutriBullet Blender  Kai
  • Article on Steak 



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