FS 273: How To Have A Better ‘Why’ Conversation



    Reuven Lerner

    Jonathan Stark

    Kai Davis

    In this episode of the Freelancer’s Show, Reuven, Jonathan, and Kai discuss “Why” conversations. Jonathan outlines that, “Why” calls are the preliminary conversations of a sale call. To understand the underlying purpose of why the client wants to engage in a project with you. This is a great episode to understand how to pivot a project to increase the value of your time using a fixed rated. Also to ensure the prospect is a good fit for skills and rates.

    In particular, we dive pretty deep on:

    • Why do sales call? To find out what the client needs
    • “Preparing to reject their self-diagnosis”
    • Engage in a conversation to increase the value of the project
    • The customer is usually vague and they leave out the specifics fo the project
    • Throwing objections at then customers to bring all considerations to surface
    • Understanding why now?
    • Urgency is the key to the project?
    • Why hire someone like me?
    • Confidence to get paid what you want
    • Hourly rates? Market rate? Fixed pricing.
    • Is hourly billing bad for the project?
    • Newbies are quick to jump.
    • Delivering ROI.
    • Back Seat Driving to nowhere
    • Predict Churn
    • Constantly reminding them of the goal and be the guardian of the project
    • What is the benefit of the project?
    • Make it clear you don’t work for an hourly rate
    • Productize service, value-based pricing, etc.
    • Making assumptions?
    • Who does this not work for?  – Those who are still learning their craft.
    • And much more!