FS 273: How To Have A Better 'Why' Conversation

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Panel: Reuven Lerner Jonathan Stark Kai Davis In this episode of the Freelancer’s Show, Reuven, Jonathan, and Kai discuss “Why” conversations. Jonathan outlines that, “Why” calls are the preliminary conversations of a sale call. To understand the underlying purpose of why the client wants to engage in a project with you. This is a great episode to understand how to pivot a project to increase the value of your time using a fixed rated. Also to ensure the prospect is a good fit for skills and rates. In particular, we dive pretty deep on:

  • Why do sales call? To find out what the client needs
  • “Preparing to reject their self-diagnosis”
  • Engage in a conversation to increase the value of the project
  • The customer is usually vague and they leave out the specifics fo the project
  • Throwing objections at then customers to bring all considerations to surface
  • Understanding why now?
  • Urgency is the key to the project?
  • Why hire someone like me?
  • Confidence to get paid what you want
  • Hourly rates? Market rate? Fixed pricing.
  • Is hourly billing bad for the project?
  • Newbies are quick to jump.
  • Delivering ROI.
  • Back Seat Driving to nowhere
  • Predict Churn
  • Constantly reminding them of the goal and be the guardian of the project
  • What is the benefit of the project?
  • Make it clear you don’t work for an hourly rate
  • Productize service, value-based pricing, etc.
  • Making assumptions?
  • Who does this not work for?  - Those who are still learning their craft.
  • And much more! Picks: Reuven
  • Fifty Inventions That Shaped The Modern Economy  Jonathan
  • “Learn Your Lines” https://expensiveproblem.com/pricing
  • Pro Leg Stretcher



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