FS 274: Designing a Product Ladder

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Panel: Phillip Morgan Reuven Lerner In this episode of the Freelancer’s Show, Reuven and Phillip discuss designing a product ladder. The panel discusses the importance of offering a suite of products with a defined path from low tier to a high tier value.  Furthermore,  services and or a blend of products and services is also apart of the tier offerings. Phillip and Reuven talk about specific strategies for how product ladders are implemented. Perhaps a freemium product that entices one into the bigger valued product. This is a great episode for freelancers to understand how to formulate a product line for your freelancing business. In particular, we dive pretty deep on: 

  • Offering lower and higher tier products
  • A blend of service and products
  • The Brain Audit
  • Comparison of Apple products and purchases to top tier products
  • Buying into Apple products with  iTunes on Windows
  • Functions of a product ladder
  • What is your product ladder?
  • Advance, Intermediate, and Basic Users
  • Increasing expertise
  • Basic level product to companion level products
  • How do you learn best? Question to ask your audience.
  • What would a 5 grader understand?
  • Ask which level of expertise your audience needs to help them up the ladder
  • Allen Weiss booksand webinars
  • And much more! Links
  • The Brain Audit  Picks: Reuven
  • Survey Monkey Phillip
  • Book - Get Naked



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