• Reuven Lerner
  • Jonathan Stark

In this episode of the Freelancers’ Show, the panelists discuss pricing. They really emphasize the fact that you need to think about the scope last when making a sale. You should be focused on the desired future outcome and the intensity of the problem at hand before you think about the scope. They discuss this concept and give many other tips on things you should be thinking about and saying when pitching a project proposal to clients.

In particular, we dive pretty deep on:

  • What is scope?
  • Coming at a project from a value basis
  • Don’t think about the scope in a sales meeting
  • Focus on the business goals at first
  • What is going to make their business better?
  • Why do they need your services?
  • Get a picture of their long-term goals
  • Asking these questions differentiates you
  • Humanizing the conversation
  • The importance of having the “why” conversation
  • Always give three options in a project proposal
  • Set prices and then define your scope
  • Show them that what you are planning on doing will help them reach their goals
  • If they succeed, you succeed
  • How do you convince clients to work with you and pay you to help them?
  • You have to be good at what you do
  • Be comfortable speaking business language
  • Let them know that you have their best interest at heart
  • And much, much more!