• Jonathan Stark
  • Jeremy Green
  • Eric Dietrich
  • Charles Maxwood
  • Rueven Lerner
  • Curtis

In this episode, the Freelancer show celebrates its 300th episode. The Freelancer show answers Q&A with past and new members to the panel. Topics cover best practices as a freelancer, making the jump into entrepreneurship, value-based pricing versus fixed pricing, and much more!

In particular, we dive pretty deep on:

  • How do you get potential clients to talk to you and see if it’s a good fit?
    • Person 1’s Answer:
      • You want to have some sort of process in place.
      • A precursor for working with client.
      • Free 30-minute call for both of us.
    • Person 2’s Answer:
      • Go out to business conferences and business world to meet people.
      • Be willing to make the phone calls, and connect on LinkedIn.
      • You will meet a whole lot of people, and not everyone will be a good fit for you.
      • Then you can start weeding out those that won’t be a good fit.
    • Person 3’s Answer:
      • Phone call, proposal phase, and then contract.
    • Person 4’s Answer:
      • Inbound and the Q&A.
    • Person’s 5 Answer:
      • Most of the leads are inbound (from conferences or blogs or Stack Overflow).
      • Asking a lot of questions.
      • Start the conversation over e-mail.
  • For folks who have successfully disconnected time for money, what was that experience like for you, why did you do it, what were the challenges? Talk about the things you do and you’re not getting paid for your time.
    • Person 1’s Answer:
      • Training budgets.
      • I made the disconnect the minute I stopped doing developmental work.
      • How much do you really charge?
    • Person 2’s Answer:
      • Sponsorship episodes.
      • Selling advertising it’s usually per unit.
      • If you don’t think you’re getting a good value then it might not be a good match.
      • Podcast sponsorships.
    • Person 3’s Answer:
      • In the beginning – it’s more an art than a science.