• Jeremy Green
  • Reuven Lerner

In this episode of the Freelancer’s Show, Jeremy and Reuven discuss “The Care and Feeding of an Email List.”Both Reuven and Jeremy cover their experience and insights with building an email list, software for email marketing, running a campaign, lead magnets, evergreen content creation, and much more. This is a great episode to understand how to integrate email marketing and lists building for your business.

In particular, we dive pretty deep on:

1:00 – Reuven talks about special software for an email list. Mailing for Marketing. Reuven talks about the things he learned with all the email lists.

2:00 – Reuven talks about Awebber, Drip and other types of email marketing software. Reuven continues to talks about evergreen lists, and issues with mailing lists. Reuven talks about how to write evergreen emails.

5:00 – Jeremy asks about the timing of sending out emails rather it is a regular list or evergreen emails. Reuven talks about email campaigns and other kinds of scheduled type email tasks.

7:20 – Reuven talks about what a broadcast email list is according to Drip, as well as Drop Campaigns. Reuven explains how these email campaigns work and how they function to market a product. Reuven explains how to gain or collect emails.

10:00 – Reuven explains how to write up emails to keep your audience or lists in the loop of your products or whatever you are doing?

11:00 – How to get people on these mailing lists? Reuven explains how to collect emails for your campaign. Reuven talks about how Lead Magnet work to collect emails. Reuven continues with Content Upgrades, Email Courses, and other clever ways to collect or build up a marketing list.

14:00 –  Reuven explains opting out, and how this email market is a cost-free way to market. He also talks about Lead Ads on Facebook as another way to market, but it is not free.

17:00 – Some talk about the trials of unsubscribes. Reuven concludes his setup of his email lists

20:03 –  Jeremy asks about reusing content and the extent of creating content. Reuven explains that this leads to people creating a book or ebook our of all the content that create for their email lists. Reuven talks about engaging with the audience or lists.

23:00 –  Reuven talks about reusing content in his training material and how is cross pollenates. 

24:00 –  Jeremy ask about how Reuven goes about pruning his list of those who are not activate with the email content. Reuven explains open rates and other analytic measures and how to read those numbers. Jeremy says he is anti-pruning of his lists.

27:00 –  Reuven talks about messages going into junk mail, and other kinds of undefined or unopened emails.

29:00 –  Jeremy talks about overcoming personal views on email and putting out content to people. Reuven talks about the response email to this subscribers.

32:00 –  Jeremy ask about compiling with GDPR. Is this important to know about email lists. Reuven talks about how he takes care of this GDPR compliance action. Reuven talks about ways to workaround those who want to resubscribe. Jeremy explain his actions with GDPR compliance.

35:00 –  Small business and privacy verses huge corporations. Daily messages. Revue talks more about writing and hiring to write content in place of himself to product content. As well as hiring to guest post and generate sales.