• Erik Dietrich

In this episode of the Freelancer’s Show  Erik, discuss “How to Target Management or the C-Suite as a Freelancer.” The discussion covers how to develop an offer or pitch, and understanding the pain points for leadership roles, and offering value to help them in their business and getting hired. Erik provides several great tactics to warm-up the C-Suite to get a job.

In particular, we dive pretty deep on:

1:02 Erik talks about targeting the manager or C-suite for freelancing. Erik talks about speaking to your peers but not the C-suite, or selling your peers in salary positions.

3:00 –  Erik talks about falling into his practice of selling your skill to peers. Erik reminds us that your buyers are not your peers, but the people who have the money to buy app development. Management or the C Suite.

5:00 –  Erik breaks down the buying system for tech or application development. Eric continues with vetting. Erik talks about the role of Line Management and their power to spend money on services.

9:33 –  Erik talks about the Director role and their power to hire and sign off on hiring. This is important to target that right person to get hire for a job or contract. Erik shares on how to approach each of the composite buyers, VP, CIO and or Line Manager.

12:00 –  Erik talks about approaching the VP for a job, but offering a compelling reason to be hired. What does that look like? Erik talks about getting in front of these people with hiring roles.

14:00 –  Erik talks about constructing your pitch. But using a persona to help develop your pitch for a job. Erik share the importance of a niche and cross referencing with those who are in the hiring position.

17:55 –  Erik says to understand these people with the hiring role. Next is to understand their pain points in their line of business. Erik continues with explaining new role taken by C Suite. How do you approach people in these new roles?

21:55 –  Erik mentions how to approach the leadership personnel with tactics to help or lift them in their positions to get hired.  Erik call this developing an offering to the leadership. Getting in to their head, and understanding their pain points.

24:00 –  Erik say another important point to understand about leadership’s point of view is understanding what doesn’t matter to them. Find out what interest them, and gets them promoted. Erik gives suggestions on how you should view and help their point of view in their role as a leader. This helps you get hired.

28:00 – Erik shares how to target the C Suite in some social setting and find out what interests them in their field of business.  Erik shares about refining your elevator pitch and getting an appointment.

30:00 –  Erik shares tactics assuming that you appeal to the leaders and gain their interest. Erik talks about letting them know you want to pick their brain.

33:00 –  Erik talks about developing your outreach and creating emails focused on them. Make the email about them and understanding their pain points. 

35:00 –  Erik shares about warming up that leaders seeing who you know in the business. Also asking for referrals and reaching out to other for a second degree introduction.

39:00 –  Erik talks about humanizing the leaders and understand their roles and helping their pain points. The way to target them is not to waste their time.




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