245 FS Getting Started in Consulting with Bob Zeidman


    Getting Started in Consulting with Bob Zeidman

    On today's episode of the Freelancers' Show, Philip and Reuven discuss Getting Started in Consulting with Bob Zeidman. Bob is the founder and president of Zeidman Consulting. He has been in the consulting industry for around 15 years, and specializes in intellectual property and software forensics. Tune in to this fascinating talk!

    Journey to Becoming a Consultant

    Bob graduated with degrees in Physics and Electrical Engineering. At the start of his career, he worked for four companies. He didn't like working in the corporate world, and so looked for other means of earning.

    That's when he decided to become a consultant. By the time he was earning a considerable amount, he pursued engineering again. For about 25 years, he designed software and hardware until he went into intellectual property litigation consulting.

    The Right Place at the Right Time

    Bob became successful as a consultant. For him, it was about knowing someone who can vouch for you. It was also a matter of being in the right place at the right time.

    He was just starting his company when a professor told him about his need for testifying in a trade secret. He needed someone to do the actual research and just teach him about the findings.

    Bob was just the right person for the job. The company (SAFE Corporation) he was starting was selling tools that can help in analysis. They also offer training on how to write expert report, testify in court, and the like.

    Make Things Happen

    Becoming a consultant is not easy. According to Bob, it's about word of the mouth. Once you do a good job, you'd hope that the attorney you work with will refer you to others.

    There is no guarantee. You can write articles and textbooks just like what other consultants do. Find ways for you to get found and noticed.

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