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Getting Started in Consulting with Bob Zeidman

On today's episode of the Freelancers' Show, Philip and Reuven discuss Getting Started in Consulting with Bob Zeidman. Bob is the founder and president of Zeidman Consulting. He has been in the consulting industry for around 15 years, and specializes in intellectual property and software forensics. Tune in to this fascinating talk!

Journey to Becoming a Consultant

Bob graduated with degrees in Physics and Electrical Engineering. At the start of his career, he worked for four companies. He didn't like working in the corporate world, and so looked for other means of earning. That's when he decided to become a consultant. By the time he was earning a considerable amount, he pursued engineering again. For about 25 years, he designed software and hardware until he went into intellectual property litigation consulting.

The Right Place at the Right Time

Bob became successful as a consultant. For him, it was about knowing someone who can vouch for you. It was also a matter of being in the right place at the right time. He was just starting his company when a professor told him about his need for testifying in a trade secret. He needed someone to do the actual research and just teach him about the findings. Bob was just the right person for the job. The company (SAFE Corporation) he was starting was selling tools that can help in analysis. They also offer training on how to write expert report, testify in court, and the like.

Make Things Happen

Becoming a consultant is not easy. According to Bob, it's about word of the mouth. Once you do a good job, you'd hope that the attorney you work with will refer you to others. There is no guarantee. You can write articles and textbooks just like what other consultants do. Find ways for you to get found and noticed. Download and listen to Getting Started in Consulting with Bob Zeidman. Don't forget to leave us a rating and review if you enjoyed the show. We would love to hear from you!

Get Connected

Send Bob Zeidman a message at bob@zeidmanconsulting.com or connect with him at Zeidman Consulting. Let Bob know you heard about him on Devchat.tv’s Freelancers podcast!


Philip: OWC dual drive Thunderbolt external dock Bob: ThinOPTICS foldable reading glasses Reuven Lerner: Red Notice book by Bill Browder

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FS245 Getting Started in Consulting with Bob Zeidman


[0:00] Music.[0:07] Hi and welcome to episode number 245 of the Freelancers show this weekend our panel we have Fillmore.Hello and I'm recovered and this week we have a special guest Bob Zeidman.The shirts Obama was Amanda talk about yourself so I thank you and thanks nice to meet you guys thanks for inviting me on the show.It's about myself so I I'm down with that.6 p.m.And that I either dropped out or was kicked out of the program its password it really depends on your perspective.That was about 35 years ago.And if I did I would do with my life.A working for the head or companies in five years.When was the startup that lasted all of one was it companies division clothes.Too bad we didn't like the bottom so I decided I was going to get out of engineering.[1:44] Is going to write the Great American novel but I need some money I found that got a lot of money so I become an insult.So I put it up the business cards as business so they can actually think is really important sound trivial but I found when I had a business card automatically and I was like what I was doing.And also getting again.Really been doing it ever since I design hardware and software for about.20-25 years again.I guess 20 years in the last 15 or so I got into intellectual property Litigation Consulting.Eyecare Place the card terminals copying by their software Hardware in praising his patents.My business has been very successful in expanding in a minor mother consult the work for me I have also developed a series of two.Vodka make the job easier than I like people,are you looking to expand your skills mobile development have an idea for the next Angry Birds app,then you need to check out iOS remote off produced by the same team that brings you your favorite deaf chat. TV podcasts like Ruby Rose and I join us for two days are jam-packed fun and learning stream2u Live May 17th to check it out at iOS remote.[3:19] Music.[3:26] People don't know about so much experience doing that,in that I spoke to two companies on the course of like 2 years but one of them I talk to while they paid me a small amount of money,it would have been more excited with the other side of the case,and the other going with it,illegal things that people do,little interest in that sort of thing but say so the other the Litigation Consulting isn't interest you you of what you need to know in order to do that and then what you need to do in order to find clients are interested in it,so there's a really good question and this may sound a little bit the self-promoting.The thing is it's really hard to get into the industry analysts you know someone who is willing to vouch for you and you better be in the right place at the right time.I just happened to be so I'll tell you quickly when I got started I was actually starting a company over the years I started several companies.I was starting to think maybe the one of the very early why the first one and I talked to his dad for Professor I knew.[4:56] Actually the founder of the company,I want to invest in my time I need someone to do the actual work.Research Parsons Hardy analysis and that I teach me about tell me when.But what I do know is I actually I mentioned I have a company that sells pools for doing helping hospitals.Operation training.People use it to it's really raining not just in the tools but also how to write an expert report how to testify in court what's the difference.Contractors myself because I don't know.Also my company as independent contractors so what I'm doing is finding people.Can I take the training to do all the training and we both know.[6:30] Getting in it without that thing even taking the train with no guarantee but.Getting into those people that we had to get in and really I just haven't asked the right person at the right time.You do a good job hopefully they recommend you and they say this.How does a real high can do whatever.You know Ruben I asked Philip Greenspun that same question and he said that he's exactly what he said I'm looking female lawyers would Google around find my textbooks and other writing.So it's actually saying what I'm saying right place right time.Yeah it is.It's an odd situation with it helps if you got a lot of stuff out there I write a lot of articles.Young 90% lawyers that handle IP cases or maybe not.Only really want to talk to you if they're currently starting and I keep a zipper in the middle of one of the ending one or the green one I really don't have.[8:09] Yes it makes sense and it even further Narrows the aperture you can get through.[8:19] Working projects going on.So Bob what you said if you do a good job like what can you can I have one layer of detail about what that looks like.[8:43] Well if there's a lot of.Things I could go into the one thing you mentioned I think is important.Everybody who works for me I am too sad to think the first thing is we always get an honest answer door a client and sometimes not what our plan was to hear.Unfortunately I don't think every every person work field has that same philosophy.But I insist on it and then the other thing I tell people were those funny,yeah I have some beers it's a future.The corner.Cassava the CIA is a ways of handling that for Budget limited we have to tell the client look we'd like to do a D&C but we feel confident that if we do AMC will get.Reasonable result.What you can do like a little bit of a little bit of being a little busy not quite sure if there is out there whatever you do you have to do to completion.Because they don't want to say and you don't want to be on a trial either it is the worst state.You know that feeling.[10:17] East Shore but I didn't really get all those.[10:27] I bet so I mean can I be nosey and ask like what expert witness work tends to pay it is there a way to connect quantify that.You are so actually.I think that comes up.It ranges from $200 an hour to $1,000 an hour.[11:03] Okay it's a healthy range 200.1 hour.Our people have special expertise and some technology issues.He was in the world in the country actually.[11:49] Interesting.So Bob can we go back to getting into Consulting and I am interested to hear more about how that work for you and how you advise others to to do it now.And 35 years ago or 30 years ago years ago and you feeling.Definitely for you guys.Is the main thing for me is when I get into it I really thought as a temporary thing while I was working at a startup it was on its way down.How many hired a consultant to work with me.I found out what I was getting paid and yet I was constantly in his work.Also salary.So I just have started sending out the internet I started sending out lots of resumes so one thing I did was I talked to France I found it.Come to me and say I'm trying to get into coffee and it sounds like you don't want to put them in a strange position.I tell them.[13:20] When somebody and your will.My first job just Ally resume and I got one interview.Call me an interview for permanent position and I really don't want to.Thank you very much appreciate your time and they gave me a job Arkansas.Because I'm on the interview and when somebody spends time with you today more likely to hire you I had some times that people would say oh we only want a permanent position and I think they will all consider one was the truth I would consider my position.I guess me in the doorway you know when I make it was it was a good offer but not enough to make me change my mind.That way they knew that they like me and I spent time on this is easier for them to hire me so.[14:25] The second time I got was from a guy who put me in touch with the vice president.First time I thought it was the right time but I never.Or later they call me up at.So that everybody stays right and resumes.How to Win Friends and Influence People.I have not read things about it yeah so.I was working in industry.I had a hard time because I was used to school where you had the right answer or the or you didn't.How to write a good meeting.We went to somebody else.[15:54] And I say things not terribly insulting but stupid ideas really stupid.For some reason I wasn't making any progress.I didn't take my ideas and they didn't have a meeting.So a friend of mine who was do a successful company said I was retail Carnegie's How to Win Friends and Influence People.Did you get your ideas.Is very basically how to do a win-win situation so I started learning for that and I was the when I go into a negotiation for a contract it's always got to be a win-win.I've got it if I want something.Earn extra dollars per hour and they don't want to pay that and ideally I give them something that they value that I don't.[17:10] An example of that is.I want $100 an hour and only willing to pay 80%.[17:25] I'll say what I guarantee that I will redo for free.[17:33] Extract.My Philosophy is I would do that anyway if I create a new work with my phone.Getting some overtime for getting me what I want and I'm going to do this.[17:58] I don't ask you question with the point is everybody,I'm sure the show about how I'll feel about this but about how it really helps,I mean you mentioned that you got something first jobs by talking to a lot of people Anthony of resumes and what about how you specialize and if you really have known as,the person we always the go-to guy for such then maybe we'll have a smaller pool of potential clients,but those who find you a man or a good fit.Longmont you and really really want to work with you um did you do any of that when you started off and and or have you found any more of that over the years and as it helps you so.I would say that I did that when I started off.But I found it I guess what I would say is that I've been a specialist in many different areas.That what I mean is I started off as a specialist in designing small custom fit.Asics application-specific integrated-circuit when I was working.Every time I got an opportunity to do something different I always Facebook.Always thought it was something positive so somebody came to me and said can you write firmware I wouldn't say no but I'd like to try.[19:36] I'd say yeah.I know you do it or something to that effect I start up with something positive.I'm getting myself into situations right now working on something I didn't have a lot of experience a lot of pressure on you.Released on me but on the other hand if I can finish best way I'm suddenly an expert in a second area.[20:08] So I've been able to do that some people are kind of surprised because some people consider me a software expert and other people consider me as an expert and other people consider me specifically and programmable logic X pro true.I try to only contact me about work I tried to focus on the area that they need and describe that I don't feel.[20:34] What are you with your experience both of you with,I actually did not specialize for the first time in the ending of specialization that I was doing web development during the early nineties but,I mean I was certain I'd say the people explicitly whatever language you use whatever I'm here to help you and I will find a way to help you out,a few years ago I started HIV more in training training and related things,and I found it was a sea change,in the way I could describe the people what I do and also the fact that people have seek me out because I'm up at the python training guys are other people out there right don't let that I buy,but I mean just today yesterday I got a call from company saying yeah yeah we forgive you for that.Markedly improved both like helping the right people to find me and my knowing how to describe what I do to others.Epic Russian you describe Bob is what I see people do.Imagine like two funnels connected together at the narrow and most people will have to narrow down to get there another Consulting career started they don't have to but if they do it becomes a lot easier.[22:10] And then once they have some traction they can often broaden their focus and in its fine.Define that it's it's more difficult to Market yourself effectively if you know if your first conversation with the prospectus.If you say no can you chip design and software and firmware and you know you in a little bit of integration with you know motor-driven hardware and need to say I find that.It's very difficult to be effective in marketing yourself when you have a really broad Focus.I'm curious if you know initial Focus was was intentional or just kind of more.Accidentals not quite the right word but I think you know what I mean.[23:01] Guess I wasn't really hurting I just saw the patient.Sometimes the people that did it I'll just go do if you would be so what I want to do.[23:24] The nice thing was but one thing was interesting is when I was unemployed companies I was employed a big Semiconductor Company.You move on to other kinds of Technologies.And it wouldn't let me so stupid it when I did it people told me if you're going to be again so focused on what you're good at but I'm going to be a sign.Ironically wanting AC companies companies would come to me and say hey look at this firmware.Level design.At the well you never actually say that you're really smart.Me the last and I was mentioning really but myself.[24:22] And have something to support in the word differently as somebody who had a lot of answers.I was the smart guy.I suppose when I was and I was like.[24:47] I would argue that the rest they took.The first time hiring you is much greater than the rest they took the second time asking you to do something that wasn't firmly within your activities.Meaning of think twice late once you demonstrated your ability to do a good job there perception wrist probably went way down which is why they were willing to you know to take what seems like a really was just.Disguise a star performer let's see what he does if we don't put him on this other problem right.Yeah I think you're absolutely right and one thing that frustrates me when I hire subcontractors for the litigation for that I do now.Sometimes somebody and I'll be impressed with their skills.All I say hey we've got an litigation involving some different technology than you're used to but I'd like your work on it and occasionally people say to me oh that's not my area.I'm trying to get to.Mama I don't understand.[26:19] Willie Nelson.NOAA.I understand so how so how do you get me I guess it's not the litigation as you described that a little bit it seems like you have a lot of repeat customers but what sort of marketing do you do too,bring new people and people who with him before.No I mean how do you either reach out to new clients or how do they know that you to reach out to you and will be found to be effective.Design by cleaning Hardware software.I spoke at conferences that wrote articles by to get my name out there.[27:28] Results from that but I think your indirect results oh.[27:35] Come up me after speaking at a conference and me their car and they want to use me but I really got a call from them.But I know that they call me in for jobs they heard of me and they saw that I spoke at the conference so they were more likely to hire me because they saw that I was speaking and writing about the topics they needed help with.Where does the saying.So you know we need the same kind of work.[28:11] With the IP litigation I do email with her name and well the fact is the IP work.Dimension pays pretty well so if I do I might have gotten one or two jobs for every thousand emails I sent out.But that one job was worth all the time sending out this email.[28:37] His family is very profitable,no I believe I don't but I need the rules for not Spanish,yeah yeah I worry about that I really do especially in my business you know if I find anything I do.Can do wrong to be used against me I try to be really sensitive I would be sensitive anyway.By OneRepublic if I did anything wrong so I try not to.[29:14] Do they really send out like to do do cold emailing of clients and you find that works.Is growing years is just me and I didn't want to expand because a lot of paperwork.Well now it has expanded I actually have an assistant.I individually send every single email to an attorney I look over them and I looked over there working together names of people.All day I say in the seven years of doing this I think I'm only had to complain for people who don't email me.They also.Individual email.[30:24] Yeah yeah I'm surprised because I've tried a little bit and I was miserable at it and I know that there are other people who are successful of the coal emailing so then we get a little bit like you send messages to and how you manage them,is a really nice Islands from most everyone,yeah I can see what things are different.At least I like females in seven years something like that and.[31:04] Maybe two or three jobs from them by IP litigation jobs are generally so.What is so valuable that it's worth the effort to get one you get a couple every 7 years.[31:19] I see more than that part of the problem is the relation.[31:30] Seems like there's more and more people doing expert witness work and doing consulting on these things by.There's not a lot of very high quality people what I mean is the song.[31:44] I know a lot of people who are good at what they do and you do this on a regular basis.Really hard to find people on so I think the lawyers are happy that you get an email saying we're available let me know if you need any more about it.[32:00] The results are not directly then I'll come immediately otherwise it could be a year before I hear from someone.[32:12] Do you ever email the same forms more than once and I was going to ask that same question mark and do you find you fall on it so I said bye.What I'm saying things out.[32:35] Ivy Madison Law Firm people at the loss arms around a little bit.Somebody got on my list the team of lawyers got on my list at the same time that they just hired us for a case.Email different people on the team and they getting back inside body ready where we were.Best apologizing but when you go that's when you tear your email,automation saw for enter the bus right.Because I don't actually design hardware and software anymore.I don't get it I guess if you increase for that and I'm always wondering how people because things have changed you know what I was active designing hardware and software.Isolators leaving or not and.Leeron email.Define hardware and software setting up systems.[33:58] No I don't know specifically cuz I have only worked with.[34:06] One person directly to what he does is embedded systems design both hardware and software.And the vast majority of his work comes through referrals.[34:21] That probably hundred percent so I thought we think that's that's how most people are going to get started in.That strikes me as a sort of capital intensive.Rancho Consulting where's software you know you can hire somebody for $100 to try to piece of software if if the scope is small enough.Where it it seems to me like the kind of work you're doing seems more this space the more expensive more capital-intensive is that right.[34:55] When did Back to the.The number of the hardware work that you did actually never expected that I always use the company store.Who actually was very it wasn't very much capital of because the company begging me to come into the office and use the tools they had their.Biggest thing is you were only going to be hired to do that for a large company right or start up that had some you know some significant investment behind it,write this to you.[35:41] Yeah I just I think it's it's a sort of different Market that might be I think the same forms of marketing it would essentially work today as they did for you to tend to your earlier question about how somebody gets there first.The first Jabra first project in that world I think it's going to look very similar you know relationships writing and speaking.Have you found this but I initially I tried putting article advertisements in magazines some of them were small about the magazine Amazon eventually.The significant amount of cash for like a half page ad or full page ad.And I never got any response from those but I would get a response from an article which was free and sometimes even get paid for articles so I started writing articles at work.Call me from an already having seen an article that we're dealing with the same issue we like to call you in and have you work for us.Doing advertisements I never got a response.Hey there this is Charles Max when I just wanted to talk to you really briefly about freelancer Mill, I'm putting on a conference for people who want to go freelance or who are freelance and bringing you some of the experts from the Freelancers show to you about how to find client.[37:09] Music.[37:34] Call you in and have you work for us doing advertisements I never got a response.Tic tic lot more expertise to write the article which I think is why people respond differently than anybody who's got the budget can place an ad.I joined a group.Find network.I don't know but I found over the years that people have the time to go to group therapy business wasn't doing well.Not analysis.[38:32] So yes it is pretty rare.I went to a handful of meetings many years ago and that was the people were desperate to get work.And so they're all like hope he had someone else there needed work from them and it was business-like strategic and no transaction,right right.[39:15] The same although I wouldn't I think that those sorts of leasing the freelance World those sorts of meetups are places where agencies will go and kind of.I need to plug into a project but I never never found that to be had.Effective as other forms of.You know I still I don't have much time these days but I'll go if the speaker is somebody interesting you're speaking about it there's a speaker or here she's thinking benesch probably sometime soon then meet interesting people.What's a lamb hiring Consultants like like feel like you were saying.Hire someone to help me with a project that will sometimes go to those things and try to find somebody.Somebody's getting.[40:25] Dad it really depends on what to expect when you when you go to a networking Meetup like that.Last week I hung on the freelancer show here Curtis and I were talking about networking in person but.The whole idea behind what Curtis was saying is that you have to go to places where your clients are going to be not your peers it's fine to hang out with your peers but that's what you're doing. You're not going to some,high-value activities at Scana,in touch with potential clients and I know sometimes I think it is.I like meeting people over coffee and I.Often meet several people recover cause people to want to meet with me and tell me about a project or just in general.Rather than go to them and say I like to work for you if I have some connection I say I'd like to meet coffee my treat.I really like do I think it's effective but it's like I said it's time-consuming and it's not always directly affected directly measure.Franklin who said if you want to make a friend borrow something from them or ask them for advice something that I say.[42:02] Backwards.I know how to spell them so I don't think that were so you don't want to do it.A lot of times I will go to a potential client and ask them for advice and I sincerely need the advice.Those two are getting advice from somebody that is knowledgeable and 2nd.Build a relationship because they when you ask someone for advice you're flattering now.Because they realize that you respect their opinion and it makes them feel good about the relationship residue trying to sell some people have I think well I have a natural aversion to salespeople and as soon as I.Liza koshy.I should be doing.Hey I need a.[43:24] Did you ever make a practice of asking for referrals from previous clients. Such as part of your business development plan.I did I always did.I think I did I don't know Emily done sometimes I get a letter to ask for a letter sometime that asked them to call and or ask if I can use the reference.Another reason is a lot of confidence and I found a lot of lawyers and use my services.Public record that you were an expert witness for someone else only if I actually need a report to the court.Anytime.Give me the most frustrating now was on the Facebook page against the Winklevoss twins that was made into the movie.Yeah that was the first major case and work done and they said I was never officially.This is this.[45:03] It was on the rise.Lincoln attorneys.It was like 5 years I was told not to talk about it because if I talked about it I might give away some information.Biggest most famous Casey when the movie came out I took people to see the movie.Quietly people that died in the paper at a deposition a person says.The public in Savannah.This prominent attorneys is a friend of mine would be happy about it would have burned it the point is.A lot of the top Prudential some very hard to promote the business based on what you've done.Over the years attorney like him actually.[46:36] Don't want to be a reference don't want to talk about it they don't want me to talk about it to make things this specially difficult.Yeah I can see how that would be problematic for getting referrals the most frustrating that oh well another family's lawyer.Is a milk allergy eyes on the website everybody knows he worked on the Facebook case I mean everything you know that.A brilliant guy.One time he invited me to his fur and have lunch and I said down and another guy said there's another.You said to be.Copyrights really great at that other attorney again a partner and wow I wish we knew about you a month ago because we had a case you could have used you up.What's frustrating about that is one part about me and it never mentioned me together Partners but that happens a lot.[47:49] If you could go back in could you do an internal presentation to the partners at that firm was there something that you could have done differently that might of.[48:01] Distributed knowledge about you throughout the firm.How many years did engineers.Part of it is when it says recording by 5 o'clock each day.[48:35] You can get in five minutes late you can.Very frustrating but they say we need the preliminary report tomorrow you can say hate school.You either get it in her or you screw up the whole case for everybody.So the thing is the lawsuit going on the lawyers.They're usually working around the clock and it can go on for months so.Does me to say hey can I do a presentation they will say when it's over it's over there so burned out.[49:31] Interesting tricky client Dynamic to deal with.My people and everybody has to be open to.[49:55] Incredibly we have the lawyers are generally not very good at scheduling stuff for the experts.They're working so hard they forgot how many days.As well and I like to work so I have to live with it.Where is the quarterback on the Bengals they will give me three days.We just had.If You Ain't Us.Aaliyah.Attorney say we need we need three different an hour and I'll say will have time for two weeks to do we do and I'll say all three.[51:11] That's the answer you're always get so basically what I've learned over the years is David more coordination.Do a lot of the word everybody.So we're going to do these two and for the third one we're going to write out the best argument we can without all the evidence yet another was sweet we can't get the evidence on it.Going to write out the best argument we can win doesn't mean making stuff I got to be clear it means that.Ellen getting example with you say is computer has a hard drive and Dad solid state hard drive and you haven't had time.Take apart the computer and check the solid state your argument was to the best of my belief that as a whole it has a solid state hard drive because,most of your shipping nice day or most of your ship and half to 2015 has to have a holiday hard drive is a major manufacturer.[52:23] Therefore is my belief that this has a solid state hard drive I'm making something up that's an oversimplification but the point is.We will make our to make clear in our argument this based on our best beliefs based on everything we know.Now you got me curious about your property lawsuits how long do these cases take to resolve liquid what's the range you seen usually things to trial within a year.Races in Australia and South Africa.Rush cases first case of an alarm for four years and I'm not yet resolved.So we don't we also don't understand how privileged the art of us you think something to core a year seems like a long time to be another year and I can feel again and I can.Three years it typically the limit I am outside the US can drive on for many years they just don't have the kind of.Injustice.A list of the countries like to avoid litigation and so there's might resort to in the court system something,channel are the Rocco Panettiere Jonathan star whose mother day obviously you meant earlier charging by the hour.Ray doesn't need to put you in your interest.[53:59] I'm too just like work on cases and have them take forever.Interesting people.Did really well I just am so.[54:17] I tell them we were really trying to be efficient.Is everybody okay with that.You're right I think there are some people afraid of these tools the speed of my work.Allow license that I make money out the two but when I first started though.[54:48] I thought that I would like this that the other thing is I work and nobody wanted them.Everybody was thinking I think in terms of a lot of people think in terms of hours if I use his pool and cut down my hours and make as much money.[55:07] I think a lot of people think that way but I think the reason my business is doing so well is because we really try to work efficiently and bring any more work as opposed to extend the work on 101.I was wrong you were right.Run because I really.The using pools or more likely hours.[55:47] Companies that are all these losses activating care about the budget.Facebook,billions of State potential and whatever it is it'll this expense so that's okay.Yeah you think so ironic because.One of them cases.Olga this is a little bit different I have a lot of it is a little bit different.I was.[56:40] I was doing an Intel processor.I was the expert in cases actually England Germany on con was all over the place.I was anyway.They get these easy home.Wright family language code has different functions within the within the processor I determine if it is processed and determine if it is an Intel atom.In a conversation with the attorney.Us attorney would have talked with the UK attorneys in England and I get up early in the morning in my underwear and I'll be on the phone for hours just listening and they pay me per hour.Even said you need me on the phone but I'm not really contributing we need to ask you a question.I'm sitting in my underwear and my wife will bring you breakfast and Beyond the song and mostly not doing anything once in awhile they pop what are you thinking that's nice that it's good or bad.I'm going to do that I'm going to go cuz I need a better assembler program.[58:15] How many have $400 it would have to run management.[58:26] I told him you know the time it takes for me to talk to and I'm at it I'm going to pay more than four more than $400 but.I have clients who like ridiculous to budget but sometimes we had known ahead of time.You tell me.As long as we do it I had a client recently who has.I'm tired of homework.[59:35] Willing to pay for it with a great job.How do I go to voice recorder.This was worth probably $109 at stake in this case.Thousand dollars terminated the contract.Because I know worrying about $1,000.Just be difficult without a destination to my flashlight.They need and I just don't want to,I just didn't know I came to the missing hey I think there's a mistake at work do you know.[1:00:57] Wow.Texas Instruments make a lot of money on cases and I can tell you to the public I work on the first to patent cases ever worked on with the ti.Assemble a team of people around the world if we said we know the guy we know God is real.I was bringing a new guy in Alaska Basin bring them in.The broadest and we were I said to them we need and this happened what time is it what we're going to need for this equipment and what I found is $40,000.Analyze that is really going to help us but I can keep working and they said why are you wasting our time asking about this just put it on your credit card and have it shipped and and.It doesn't always happen by.[1:02:03] The ti settle two cases at work on 40 I won against Samsung and once again Monday they ended up settling each case for over a billion dollars.[1:02:16] So they were smart why spend the time worrying about a $40,000 piece of equipment when is a billion dollars at stake.[1:02:26] Seriously wow was it going to wrap up the DVD last some suggestions or advice removal before moving to pick.[1:02:42] If you really want to do it.Be persistent.Save yourself when you get your first job are you trying to figure out how to stay current with Ruby and rails.I'm putting on a two-day online conference call Drew beer oh, you could check it out at Ruby remote, like I said it's a two-day conference where you can come and listen to the speakers and experts from all around the world.[1:03:22] Music.[1:03:43] Excellent.Fill cavity Pittsburgh this week had an ongoing battle with the piece of Hardware to I would choose this external.Dual Bay Drive thing.I got for cheap on Amazon and it was supposed to be a nice way for me to make a backup of my computer because I wouldn't.Say stuff to that external drive that had a button on there.On the drive chassis leasing three the stick and they could drive in it right or two of them rather it was supposed to clone one to the other and never worked,so I found something better which is from OWC it's their external Thunderbolt dual-drive day.And.The mix track record of these Hardware is not always been the most reliable even though it's a great value in terms of the price,so I just want you to be working well so that's my pick the odbc Dual Drive,Thunderbolt external dock at work really well now for a couple months and I can recommend it,it's nice because I can stick to drives in there and do whatever I want you know I just run in rsync script every night that copies from one to the other,and that we have had some redundancy for that data that's my pick for this week.[1:05:18] Not only that interesting fellow but I think him anything I just got this.so I can make it to that in the terminal.Bob give me a pic so I think it's just to our listeners and I know either way.I knew I was a nerd when I got it man you're my wife.My birthday is like 15 years ago to allow me to put multiple operating systems at the same time.This is got me something Optics than update.Little tiny foldable reading glasses into like a little like something about the size of a.Coupon for a car or put it on your.Allow wherever I go in the restaurant reading order a Matic I just pop out and unfold these reading glasses and I can read them.[1:06:42] I just turned 40 12th I'll be 43 this August and I'm like that's pretty cool I'm excited by getting it as a gift.I mean I mean your Club Bob.[1:07:03] So I gave her dress has been in the news a little bit lately if not,I heard this guy interviewed a few times because I do that book his name is Bill Browder and he was a big investor Venture Capital investor in Russia American move there for an interesting family in the country,and then working to and push back against the Russian government for what they done to his lawyer so I read the book I was a very quick fascinating like what does page-turner page-turner but it's what we got,jingle Turner and Old Tower definitely fun interesting story a little terrifying a little high on himself,but you know what I'm going to Grant him that I noticed a true story of High Finance murder,and one man's fight for Justice by Bill Browder and allow the address of the shut up there,mom if you want touch with you what are good ways to read stuff you're writing and hear more from you be on earth.Podcast ear email is Bob Zeidman.I was pretty straightforward ww.w.[1:08:38] Don't forget the www.show we really enjoyed both your device and your.Attic storage and thanks for listening and we will be back next week you're the feeling show.[1:08:56] Thank you Bob.Been with for this segment is provided by Cachefly the world's fastest ET and deliver your content fast with Cachefly visit cache fly.com to learn more.[1:09:15] Music. 

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