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Getting Started with Facebook Ads

On today's episode, Curtis and Jonathan discuss Getting Started with Facebook Ads with Mojca Mars. Based at Sienna, Europe, Mojca is a Facebook Advertisement Expert, author, and speaker. She is focused on helping businesses generate more leads and increase their sales using Facebook advertising strategy. Tune in to learn more!

Creating Customer Relationship

The common misconception freelancers have in Facebook Ads is that they have to invest money. Since they think it involves payment, they wanted to promote their services directly. They want to skip building a relationship with their audience and gaining their trust and immediately hop into promotion. Regardless of how huge your target audience is, everything is still useless when they don't see your value. It is important that freelancers see the how big the opportunity is when they nurture their audience on Facebook. Once you've created a strong bond with them, you'll likely convert more sales.

Taking the First Few Steps

The first few steps to remember are the following: 1) Open a Facebook Ads manager by creating an account; 2) Place credit card details; 3) Create a Facebook pixel and place it on your Facebook web page.  As a freelancer, you get to re-target your website visitors with Facebook ads through the last step. Once you get started Facebook ads, make sure to create a Facebook page. You're at an advantage of Facebook ads and all of their features only if you have one. Having accomplished those actions, you're good to go in advertising.

Starting at Zero

Together with her clients, Mojca begins by advertising a blog post to a cold audience. They figure out which group of people would respond to it by making some experiments in the process. Once they have determined their target audience, they go through the basics and start advertising. At the bottom of every blog post they advertise, they always have a call to action for their audience. Although people don't immediately fill up the opt-in form, they still manage to hit their top aim which is to get them into that page. Getting the audience's trust is the next step to take. Download and listen to the entire episode titled Getting Started with Facebook Ads. Don't forget to leave us a rating and review if you enjoyed the show. We would love to hear from you!


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