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How to Fire Bad Clients with Erin Flynn

On today's episode of the Freelancers' Show, Jonathan and Reuven discuss How to Fire Bad Clients with Erin Flynn. Erin is a web designer and developer. She is, however, more popular in helping fellow designers and developers to run their businesses better as well as to communicate well with clients. Listen and learn how to identify bad clients and how to deal with them properly.

Not the Right Fit

Most clients are good. Developers and designers just tend to vent out their frustrations or disappointments, but not every client is evil.

“People do not hire us so that they could make us miserable. They don't pay us money to make our lives difficult.” -Erin Flynn

According to Erin, what happens instead is people don't fit well with clients or they fail to identify areas of concern. Consequently, they think that they are bad clients just as clients think they are bad designers or developers.

Identify and Resolve

The ideal client avatar often misleads people. It's great to have someone with the same interests, but it does not necessarily mean you'll work well together.

“Even though you both love Star Wars and the color pink, it doesn't make a good fit all the time.” -Erin Flynn

Erin shares the importance of communicating in the initial contact. It pays to make an effort to know what your client really wants or is concerned about. Overlooking your clients actual needs could end up in a bad relationship. Each person has his own style of communicating. If you are willing to serve them, you can find time to guide them through the process and help them out.

Establishing Relationships

It's good to make friends with clients. You want to be excited. You want to work things with them. Erin has had clients who don't share the same interests with her, but they work well together. Communication certainly is key when dealing with anyone in the business. To hear about How to Fire Bad Clients with Erin Flynn, download and listen to the entire episode.

Get Connected

Erin would love to hear from you! Tweet her @erin3flynn or visit her in the links below. Don’t forget to let Erin know you heard about her on Devchat.tv’s Freelancers podcast!

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  • Facebook If you’re short on time, here are the highlights of How to Fire Bad Clients with Erin Flynn: Identifying bad clients? (2:54) Billing by the hour? (9:13) Clients who dropout in the process? (12:36) How to deal with upset clients? (22:24) How to fire clients on a good note? (32:13) Firing clients over email? (38:09)


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