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FS 239 Preparing Your Online Course

Preparing Your Online Course

Today's episode of the Freelancer's Show is hosted by Phillip Morgan and Reuven Lerner. Phillip and Reuven discuss Preparing Your Online Course.

Phillip thinks that one of the best things he has done for his online business is adding low-priced products to the mix. It's important to not be 100% reliant upon services.

Mix Up Your Offerings

When Phillip wakes up in the morning, looks at his phone and sees that he has made money while sleeping, is an awesome feeling for him.  Even if you are all in on services, there are benefits to adding products to your mix.

Even if you are all in on services, there are benefits to adding products to your mix. Courses are a great way to do that.

Why Courses?

Currently, Phillip is building a course on positioning called The Positioning Course. He has a book called The Positioning Manual and he wanted to build a course based upon that. Phillip feels it should be a strong source of revenue.

When Phillip envisions his business in 10 years, he sees himself having a mission to help people move from a generalist to a specialist. He wants to help self-employed software developers transition from a market position they are not happy with to a market position as a specialist where they can thrive.

 “When you offer a course you have more opportunity for structure” – Phillip Morgan

Structure and Support

Courses offer the opportunity for more structure and support than a book can provide. A structure is: Do this first and then do this next. Books offer some structure but serve mainly as reference sources.

The support comes in when you are stuck and need help. You can't find this in a book. Phillip wanted to add both in an offering. He prices his courses a bit higher, offers 15 minutes blocks for support calls and is available through a Slack chatroom.

Creating a Course

Phillip sees plenty of courses online that are simply learning management systems. They're book-like content without any structure or support. Phillip wants his courses to offer real help and guidance. So the next question was how exactly to accomplish this?

To hear the rest of what Phillip and Reuven say about Preparing Your Online Course, download and listen to the entire episode.

If you're short on time, here are the highlights of Preparing Your Online Course:

Biggest change Phillip has made to his business? (0:45)

Books vs online courses (2:05)

You can't do more of the same. (9:10)

Reuven's big marketing win? (16:15)

Should you add exercises? (31:18)

Challenge of building a course? (37:53)

Go live to improve! (49:40)

Get your students to interact (58:38)



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