• Erik Dietrich


Erik Dietrich does a solo episode sharing his content marketing expertise. Erik runs a content marketing agency, Hit Subscribe, he starts by sharing his background and how he got to this point. He defines marketing as a strategy to show your goods to your customer, content marketing is doing this with content. He explains that by offering free content you build trust with your audience. Listing the various types of content, blogs, video, podcasting, email and more, Erik ranks them on their effectiveness and gives his recommendations.


Start with one source of content and make it sustainable, this is Erik’s first recommendation, once you have that down, expand but maintain that sustainability. Unless your situation is desperate, Erik encourages everyone to start content marketing. He explains the benefits, filtering out clients that are a bad fit, finding leads, and the value of an audience. He also explains that content marketing is the long game and to manage your expectations while staying motivated. Erik leaves the listeners with valuable tips for how to get started and to maintain and how to grow your content marketing. 



Erik Dietrich: