In this episode of The Freelancers Show, the new panel is introduced and they discuss getting into freelancing. Brooks Forsyth is brand new to the show. He is from Connecticut and works mostly with Angular and Ionic. He has consulted for large firms but has recently been doing more independent contracting. 

Charles Max Wood has been on The Freelancers Show before but it has been a while so he introduces himself as well. Charles is the owner of DevchatTV, before that he did freelancing. They start by discussing how contracting with a large corporation compares to other contracting jobs. They also consider how those compare to moonlighting contract work. 

As CEO of DevchatTV Charles has hired contractors to help him run the shows, he shares some of the ways that he has found his employees. He and Brooks discuss Upwork and sites like them. They share how they got started in freelancing and how they found their first jobs. 

Charles tells the listeners that it was worth it and gives them some advice to help with the stress of starting out. The panel gives recommendations on finding clients and Charles shares his method for finding your dream client which has been adapted from his book. They discuss billing hourly or by project and the importance of an emergency fund. 


  • Charles Max Wood

  • Brooks Forsyth


  • Sentry– use the code “devchat” for two months free on Sentry’s small plan

  • CacheFly


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