In this episode of The Freelancers Show the panel interviews Christian Lüdemann. Christian consults on Angular development and creates online training courses. Today they are talking about building online training courses and marketing. Charles Max Wood shares some of the reasons you might want to create online courses. They start by discussing how to build courses. 

Christian recommends starting with an in house workshop for building courses. They can look over your work and give you valuable feedback before you get in too deep. He also explains how targeting a specific need can create more value for your course. Christian has a background in DevOps as well and uses that in his courses to create more valuable content. 

The panel considers what courses to build. They recommend listening to the market and find a need. Christian explains that a course should just cover one thing but should provide a package to meet a need. With information readily available on the internet, the purpose and value of a course are in the packaging. They give an example, a webpack course would be okay but a course outlining how to find a dream developer job that included a webpack course and others is much more appealing.

The panel discusses the landing site and how it is a valuable tool. Christian reminds the panel that humans are emotional beings and explains that success comes when your site and product induces an emotional response. He likes to do this by writing a story of his ideal customer and offering your course as the solution to their problems. The panel discusses other things to include on your landing page. 

Getting traffic to the landing page is all marketing. Christian tells the panel about starting his blog, this built his reputation and gave him authority. He also posts on social media. These lead people to his mailing list, which then leads them to his landing site and product.  The panel considers what content to write and how to come up with blog posts that people will read.

Christian shares his journey to freelancing and course creation. He explains why he chose to become a freelancer. The panel discusses how to keep courses and content up to date. Christian explains how he uses his consulting work to keep his courses current and to come up with content for his blogs. 


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