In this episode of the Freelancers Show, Mike Volkin leads the panel on a discussion of what he calls the nine traits to attract high paying clients. The first is to be attentive. This doesn’t mean overcommunicate but to better outline how and when you are going to communicate with clients. Second, is be mindful. Time is money, so put away your phone and avoid distractions during your designated working hours.


The third trait is to be caring. Care about your reputation, your clients and prospects. The fourth trait is to be resourceful. This is accomplished by doing your research on prospects, their problems and other experts in your niche. Fifth, be respectful. Respect your rates, don’t beg or lower your rates. 


Sixth, be a good listener. When on a call, listen to their pain points and problems. Don’t oversell yourself, all they need to know is your name, expertise, how long you’ve been a freelance and a small part of your story. The seventh trait is to be a good communicator. This means outline your scope of work and avoid scope creep. Eighth, be confident. Be confident in yourself and in your ability to complete the work. Show prospects you are confident by having pre-written answers to common questions. 


The final trait is to be a good manager. Manage yourself and manage up with your clients. Managing up by streamlining your communication. One email instead of three, send feedback, anticipate questions and understand how clients like to communicate. Mike also outlines the flow of a discovery call and shares how he targets high paying clients.


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