Jim Gay (twitter github blog)
Reuven Lerner (twitter github blog)
Ashe Dryden (twitter github blog)
Eric Davis (twitter github blog)
Charles Max Wood (twitter github Teach Me To Code Rails Ramp Up)

01:16 – Screencasting Backgrounds

Teach Me To Code

03:41 – Software

Final Cut Pro
Adobe Premier Pro CC

10:10 – Features

Ease of Use
Export Formats
Readable Text

16:04 – Sound
16:26 – Modifier Keys
17:01 – Highlighting


17:19 – Talking and Explaining during Screencasts

Teaching Developers | Free PeepCode Blog

20:32 – Presentation Software

After Effects
Apple Motion

26:04 – Recording Lectures/Vlogging
28:51 – Getting Work via Screencasts
30:52 – Equipment

Audio/Speaker Quality

32:54 – Audio Encoding


35:41 – Hosting

Amazon S3

41:31 – Subtitles & Transcripts


Bookends (Reuven)
Boomerang for Gmail (Ashe)
OpenEmu (Ashe) list of MAME roms (Ashe)
Logitech Gamepad F710 (Ashe)
LeadPlayer (Eric)
Seth Godin: Clients vs. Customers (Eric)
The Freelancer's Guide to Long-Term Contracts by Eric Davis (Eric)
Flowdock (Jim)
OneLoad (Chuck)
AudioJungle (Chuck)
VideoHive (Chuck)
Create Awesome Online Courses (Chuck)

Book Club
Getting Things Done with David Allen! He will join us for an episode to discuss the book on July 30th. The episode will air on August 7th.
Next Week
Saying No
CHUCK: That's why my kids call onto this to, "Daddy, did you make lots of words about that?"


ASHE: That's what I do for a job, honey!

CHUCK: [Laughs] Yeah!

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CHUCK: Hey everybody and welcome to Episode 71 of The Freelancers' Show! This week on our panel, we have Jim Gay.

JIM: Hello!

CHUCK: Reuven Lerner.

REUVEN: Hi everyone!

CHUCK: Ashe Dryden.

ASHE: Hi there!

CHUCK: Eric Davis.

ERIC: Hey!

CHUCK: And I'm Charles Max Wood from This week, we're going to be talking about "Screencasting and Making Videos" and that kind of stuff. I'm a little curious, I know Eric, you've done some screencasts and some video stuff, have any of the rest of you done much?

ASHE: I actually do it for end-user training, especially when I'm building something that people going to have to go on in like put content in. A lot of times, I will do videos for them and then transcribe them, so that's basically the documentation for them.

CHUCK: That makes sense.

JIM: Yeah, I'll do the same thing, but I'll use it for anybody, either like a project manager giving them my high-level overview of something, or a user showing them how to use something, or a developer like, "Here's how I attack those bit of code," something like that.

CHUCK: Some of the folks on the show will know that I did Teach Me To Code for about 2 years and I did a whole bunch of screencasts for that. I do some screencasting for my clients, but not really a whole lot. Most of the time, they are technical enough to understand it. And if they aren't,