The Freelancers’ Show 072 – Saying NO


Reuven Lerner (twitter github blog)
Eric Davis (twitter github blog)
Curtis McHale (twitter github blog)

01:18 – The Power of “NO”

Getting Things Done by David Allen

06:56 – Just-in-Time Learning
09:02 – Saying “NO” in Hindsight


11:54 – Getting Comfortable with Saying “NO”

Derek Sivers: No more yes. It's either HELL YEAH! or no.
Risk Level

19:14 – Having a Financial Cushion

The Freelancers Show 072 - LessAccounting with Steven Bristol

23:04 – Red Flags That Mean an Instant “NO”

Client Investment
Slimy People
The Ruby Freelancers Show 054 - Red Flags with Potential or Current Clients with Ashe Dryden
Disrespectful Clients

32:31 – Irregular Clients

Project Minimums
Referring Clients to Other People


Das Keyboard (Reuven)
Kalzumeus Podcast 5: Quitting Consulting Via Productization (Reuven)
About the Facebook platform, from Pando Daily (Reuven)
Derek Sivers: No more yes. It's either HELL YEAH! or no. (Eric)
Filmic Pro (Eric)
Jaybird Bluebuds (Curtis)

Next Week
Book Club: Getting Things Done with David Allen
CURTIS: So, am I the leader since I'm recording?

REUVEN: I guess so! [Laughs]

CURTIS: Whoo-hoo!

ERIC: Curtis, leader!


CURTIS: That's right, you can call me "The Leader" for the whole show.

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CURTIS: Welcome to the Freelancers' Show Episode 72! Today, we're going to talk about the "Power of No". We have, Eric Davis joining us.


CURTIS: And Reuven Lerner. I'm Curtis McHale, filling in for Chuck today because he is, I don't know, he's off, probably sitting on the beach somewhere, not doing much. Like I said, today's topic is the "Power of No". As we've been coming up to the bookclub, I've been reading the "Getting Things Done" book and I think the thing that's continually been impressed on me more and more and more is that so many of the issues are all these tasks and 9000 things that are flying at us are just the power of ‘No'. I actually been used it yesterday in my Instapaper queue at 97 articles and decided, "I'm never going to read half of these, why they even put them in?" and just said ‘No' to them all and dropped down to like 25 actual real articles that I will make time to read. What about you guys? Eric, have you used no or have you, I guess, not over-committed yourself?


CURTIS: [Laughs] Thanks!

ERIC: Oh! Yeah!


ERIC: I have to say that a lot. While you're talking, I open up my Instapaper, and god! Maybe a month ago, I actually went in there and there's a button, I've been afraid to hit it. It basically says, "Delete everything that's aloo in 30 days." I've had Instapaper stuff in there that came from tags that I had in Delicious, which were from 2005-2006 that I've —

CURTIS: I don't know there is that button. That's just on the web view?

ERIC: Yeah.

CURTIS: I manually deleted all mine!

ERIC: Oh, yeah! Look for an "Archive All", it's on the right side. But yeah, I overcommit stuff. I've had times where I've had over a thousand items on my to-do list, and the Getting Things Done stuff, that's not really…