Curtis McHale (twitter github blog)
Eric Davis (twitter github blog)
Reuven Lerner (twitter github blog)
Charles Max Wood (twitter github Teach Me To Code Rails Ramp Up)

01:30 – Panelist Training & Coaching Experience
02:40 – Traveling for In-Person Training
05:52 – Rates
08:35 – Teaching College Courses
10:43 – Online Training

Recorded Videos
Live Sessions
Forums/Discussion Groups
Pair Programming

17:15 – The Value of Training

Expense vs Investment

19:54 – Structuring Exercises

Working in Pairs

27:58 – Screencasting

The Freelancers’ Show 071 – Recording Video

29:32 – In-Person Training vs Online Training

Non-Verbal Communication
Asking Questions

34:53 – Teaching Preparation
38:51 – Charging What You’re Worth


Joshua Clanton: A Drip of JavaScript (Reuven)
Sensei (Curtis)
Curtis McHale: Don't be an Idiot: Learn to run a viable business (Curtis)
Zite (Eric)
Civilization IV (Chuck)
Discourse (Chuck)

Book Club
Book Yourself Solid with Michael Port! He will join us for an episode to discuss the book on September 24th. The episode will air on October 3rd.
Next Week
Freelancers Show: WordPress Plugins with Pippin Williamson
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CHUCK: Hey everybody and welcome to Episode 78 of The Freelancers' Show! This week on our panel, we have Curtis McHale.

CURTIS: Hello!

CHUCK: Eric Davis.


CHUCK: Reuven Lerner.

REUVEN: Hi there!

CHUCK: I’m Charles Max Wood from This week, we’re going to be talking about “Training and Coaching”.  Just to start this off, how many of you guys have done much training or coaching?

CURTIS: I do run a blog that does coaching or training all the time for WordPress stuff, and then I do it with clients as well.

REUVEN: I do a ton of training. Probably 2-4 days a week is a good estimate where I go to companies and I train them in person. And then I’ve done a fair amount of coaching as well where I go to companies and I sort of move around and sit with their people and do pair programming and look over their shoulder.

CHUCK: I’ve done a fair bit. I haven’t done like on-site, stand up in front of people kind of training except maybe at users groups. But I’ve done a bunch of coaching. I’ve had several people come to me, “Can you sit down and help solve this problem?” Or, “Can you sit down and basically teach me these things that I don’t understand?” and I just get on and kind of pair program with them over the internet to do the coaching.

CURTIS: I’ve done stuff at local user groups as well where they’re teaching really basic stuff. Or,