00:55 – Host Updates

07:24 – Let’s say you’ve been billing by a week on a large project. The project slows down, meaning there is less to do and requests are sporadic and unpredictable, so weekly billing no longer makes sense to you or the client. What do you then switch to keeping in mind that it’s unpredictable work?

11:27 – ^^ I’m trying to avoid hourly. They don’t know my hourly rate.

14:35 – When other contractors on a client project go MIA off and on, and the work plays a vital role in the project, do you suggest replacements to the client?

24:22 – Company Structure and Business Entities

43:00 – Merchant Accounts and eCommerce

51:47 – Do you let clients text you about projects? I found that once you let that happen, they start texting about things that should be emailed or handled elsewhere. Or, texting expecting a faster response. Or, texting at inconvenient times like when you’re driving with your family.


Naomi Dunford: How To Confidently Raise Your Rates (Eric)
Blair Enns: Seven Universal Truths About Money (Eric)



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