07:06 – Finding Work on Sites Like Elance and Upwork (formerly oDesk)

14:24 – What sort of project/scope documentation do you generate for clients to supply time/budget estimates?

23:26 – How much time do you spend with the client defining the scope of the work before you sign a contract?

27:20 – Do you have a timeline to review deliverables (weekly) or is it ad-hoc based on when the work is finished?

33:12 – You have mentioned, at least in the early podcasts, that you do about 20-30 hours of billable work per week, and you also have multiple simultaneous clients/contracts. I'm currently working a W2, 40+ hour week with a large product backlog that has me busy all week, so I'm struggling to visualize what a week in the life of a freelancer looks like.

If you only work 20-30 hours per week, and have at a minimum of 2 clients, does that mean you only dedicate 10 or so hours per client?

42:50 – What sort of non-development tasks do you bill for that fill up some of the extra time?

46:12 – How much development time per week do your clients expect you to dedicate to the project?

49:58 – Have you ever had a client specify a maximum number of hours per week in your contract?

50:27 – Is the feedback loop so slow that you always have time to work on another contract while you're waiting?

53:54 – Do your clients ever feel like you're not putting in enough time per week? How do you respond that?


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