01:40 – Prepayment, Deposits, Trust, and Risk

14:55 – Pricing a SaaS (Software as a Service)

27:02 – Scope

30:07 – Tier Pricing (Cont’d)

38:49 – What’s a marketing/lead generation channel that’s been successful for you that you hadn’t expected to be successful for your consulting business?

  • Podcasting
  • Speaking Engagements

45:03 – The Get Clients Now Approach

46:47 – If you could give yourself two or three bits of advice when you first started out, what would they be?

51:03 – Mastermind Groups


Pay Your Love First (Eric)
The Consulting Pipeline Podcast (Eric)
Drip Sherpa (Jonathan)
Double Your Freelancing Conference (Jonathan)
CodeNewbie Podcast (Chuck)
This Is Your Life Podcast (Chuck)



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