The Ruby Freelancers Show 003 – Firing Clients



    Charles Max Wood (twitter github Teach Me To Code Rails Summer Camp)
    Eric Davis (twitter github blog)
    Evan Light (twitter github blog)
    Jeff Schoolcraft (twitter github blog)


    George Bush misquote
    Non-payment/Late payments
    Lack of Communication
    Working for a client is like a dating relationship
    Local vs. Remote
    Corporate Culture
    Find clients who are willing to learn
    Communicate before you fire the client
    Watch out for people who push back on non-negotiables in your client
    The client must sign a contract
    It makes a difference if the client appreciates your work
    If things become emotional, just nod and say “Thank you for the feedback.”
    Watch out for long silent spells
    Zero Bullshit Policy
    We want clients to be more like business partners rather than masters (with us as servants)
    The Shrink Principle
    Have a website
    3 day reminder from the billing system
    F*** you, pay me.
    Make sure you get a deposit
    Be helpful and professional
    Punctuality for meetings
    Overused relationship metaphors
    Fire them as soon as possible if it can't be saved
    Book Yourself Solid by Michael Port


    The Secret of Consulting by Gerald Weinburg (Evan)
    The SaaS class at UC Berkeley (Jeff)
    The SaaS book for the UC Berkeley class (Jeff)
    Stanford on iTunes U for iOS (Jeff)
    FutureRuby talk by Dr Nic (Eric)
    F**k it (Eric)
    Hubspot (Chuck)
    The Third Tribe (Chuck)