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30x500 by Amy Hoy
See Project Run
Refactoring Redmine
Redmine Tips
Authoring Ebooks
Freelance Funnel
iPhone Apps
Rails Beginning course
Evan's iPad app
Scratch your own itch
Marketing works well over time
Batch up work
Scheduling blog posts
Budgeting time to do product development
Marketing takes up the most time
Micropreneur Academy
Why are you building what you're building?
Project vs Product
Marketing to build momentum
4 Hour Work Week
Lean Startup
How do you find a product to make that your market wants to buy from you?
Yes, 50 scientific whatever,....
Product focused business - The product is the most powerful
Market focused business - The market is the most powerful
Opportunity cost of product development
Time and location freedom


Seth Godin's blog post on "People think Photographers spend their time..." (Eric)
21 times (Eric)
30x500 (Eric)
Tripit (Evan)
Steven Baxter's manifold series (Evan)
Nathan Lowell's Trader Tales (Evan)
Hugo and Nebula awards (Eric)
Yes, 50 Scientifically Proven Ways to be Persuasive (Jeff)
James Bond - Ian Fleming (Jeff)
Robert Heinlein (Jeff)
Goodreads (Chuck)
Things (Chuck)
Siri + Reminders on the iPhone 4S (Evan)