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Evan Light (twitter github blog)

01:16 – Keeping Passion for Work Alive

Happiness vs Money

Maslow’s hierarchy of needs

04:14 – Making it a Craft

08:45 – Client Fit

Raising Rates

10:41 – “Safety” and Satisfaction

The Ruby Freelancers Show 012 – Getting Starting as a Freelancer

13:41 – Self-Actualization

Community Exposure


25:04 – Practice Every Day

Mastery by Robert Greene

27:08 – Having Outlets

31:31 – Change & Creating New Habits


Tiny Habits w/ Dr. BJ Fogg

The Power of Habit: Why We Do What We Do in Life and Business by Charles Duhigg

38:34 – “Serious Practitioners”

Functional Programming for the Object-Oriented Programmer (Jim)
Multitenancy with Rails by Ryan Bigg (Jim)
Writer’s block and the drip: Seth Godin (Eric)
Mastery: The Keys to Success and Long-Term Fulfillment by George Leonard (Evan)

EVAN: Eric, you there?

ERIC: I'm chewing…

EVAN: I don't believe I've heard that particular voice before… 

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EVAN: Hello! And welcome to the Ruby Freelancers Podcast! Today, I am hosting — my name is Evan Light. Normally we have Chuck Wood hosting, and I have here Eric Davis.


EVAN: Eric is only somewhat conscious, so we can only ask yes or no questions.

ERIC: Yes.

EVAN: [laughs] And Jim Gay!

JIM: Hello!

EVAN: So today we decided we are going to talk about "keeping the passion for the work alive", and the tradeoffs involved in doing work we enjoy versus doing work that pays well. This came from a Skype chat that Jim and I, I guess we're getting into undecide during other Skype chats [inaudible]. And I was explaining that I value doing client work that I enjoy more than earning a buck. And Jim was pushing and pointing that, pushing out pushing back that earning a buck is really gushed or unimportant.

JIM: Yeah I think we're both kind of agreeing and disagreeing at the same time. When we were talking earlier before we started recording the show, I was thinking of Maslow's hierarchy of needs which — if people aren't familiar with that, basically on the lowest level of hierarchy it's like "can you survive?" Are you eating?

ERIC: The reap of your head?

JIM: Yeah, exactly. That type of thing. And then higher up the scale is like the top self-actualization; being pleased with who you are. And I think as long as you've got enough income coming in that you can pay for your house and feed your family and things like that, then you can start going up the path that's like figuring out "okay do I actually care about the work that I'm doing?"

EVAN: But there's also — Well, yeah, okay so potentially there's (I don't know if this is a matter of potentially — I really need to complete this sentence though), there's the boundaries where we perceived to those boundaries to be in Maslow's hierarchy. I mean this is something — Maslow's hierarchy: self to something like consider a lot, but the question of where you perceived those boundaries to be might different from person to person. The physiological,