247 FS Working with Designers without Wanting to Kill Them


    Working with Designers without Wanting to Kill Them

    On today's episode, Philip, Jonathan, and Curtis discuss about Working with Designers without Wanting to Kill Them with James Stone. James is a Design Systems Engineer, and is top contributor to the open source ZURB Foundation. He also teaches at Penn State University. Tune in!

    “I've had experiences in the past where I've worked, where a designer would be so caught up with their idea in a design that they'll just root for it and push it through no matter what the cost. Sometimes that ends up being a lot more engineering time to accomplish more less the same thing.” -James Stone

    Meet James Stone

    James is an expert in building and consulting on frontend code. He also creates sets of documentation and systems to help designers and developers communicate better.

    He is mostly known for his videos on YouTube. At present, he also teaches an online course for scripts at Penn State University.

    Into Programming and Design

    James has unique story on how he learned programming. His mother was a clinical microbiologist. She taught him how to program, and took him to the lab to look through the microscopes.

    Programming eventually became his career. Started working for some startups in Seattle. After awhile, he went back to school and studied art and design.

    Designer vs Developer

    James enjoys working with developers and designers. Both are highly creative individuals who have spent years of honing their craft.

    What sets them apart are their personality groups in general. They have different sets of interests as well as team agenda. Developers focus on maintaining codes, while designers value design.

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    Curtis: Elementary OS

    Jonathan:  Just Enough Research by Erika Hall, Dropshare, CloudApp

    Philip: Vistaprint, Slings and Arrows TV series

    James: The Non-Designer's Design Book (4th Edition) by Robin Williams

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