010 iPhreaks Show – Audio and Video in Apps



    Ben Scheirman (twitter github blog NSSreencast)
    Rod Schmidt (twitter github infiniteNIL)
    Pete Hodgson (twitter github blog)
    Charles Max Wood (twitter github Teach Me To Code Rails Ramp Up)

    01:22 – Launching a UIWebView and pointing it to a remote URL

    Streaming over 3G or LTE

    03:01 – HTTP Live Streaming

    Microsoft Silverlight
    AV Foundation

    11:24 – AVPlayer

    Asynchronous Key Loading Protocol
    Learning Core Audio: A Hands-On Guide to Audio Programming for Mac and iOS by Chris Adamson
    Key-Value Observing (KVO)
    Deli Radio

    19:42 – Use Cases

    System Sound
    Audio Categories
    Playback Control

    32:21 – Core Audio

    Learning Core Audio: A Hands-On Guide to Audio Programming for Mac and iOS by Chris Adamson
    Adding effects to audio and video
    AV Audio Mix

    38:51 – Interruption
    42:04 – Network Connections

    Network Link Conditioner in Lion – Matt Gemmell

    44:07 – .MP3, .CAF, .AIFF, .AAC
    45:32 – Transcoding



    Audacity (Rod)
    Customers (Rod)
    The Little Redis Book by Karl Seguin (Ben)
    MMDrawerController (Ben)
    MacBuildServer (Ben)
    OpenEmu (Ben)
    Reveal App (Pete)
    Snap CI (Pete)
    Buildozer (Pete)
    ThinkGeek (Pete)
    Commit (Chuck)
    Candy Crush Saga (Chuck)
    Mini Golf MatchUp (Chuck)
    Portal (Chuck)

    Next Week
    Web Apps & HTML5 vs Native Apps
    ROD: I'd get my Dad a Darth Vader helmet…because he's my father.

    BEN: Yeah, I got it.


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    CHUCK: Hey everybody and welcome to Episode 10 of iPhreaks! That's right, we're on the double digits now! This week on our panel, we have Ben Scheirman.

    BEN: Hello from NSScreencast.com!

    CHUCK: Rod Schmidt.

    ROD: Hello from Salt Lake!

    CHUCK: Pete Hodgson.

    PETE: Hello from thepete.net!

    [Ben laughs]

    CHUCK: And I'm Charles Max Wood from DevChat.tv! This week we are going to be talking about “Audio and Video” in your apps.

    BEN: So this is where you just launch a UIWebView and point it to remote URL and then you're done?

    PETE: I did that once.

    CHUCK: All the games that I play, I have to turn the sound off on them.

    PETE: I actually did do that once, Ben.

    BEN: Yes, it's the quick and easy way to do it.

    PETE: Yup, it was surprisingly good. I discovered, we're going to jump straight into rearcane pit of noise, but didn't let you do “Autoplay” on video; Apple doesn't want you to do that. Can you still not do that if you're using native video?

    BEN: You can do whatever you want with the native stuff.

    PETE: Okay. So for the web one, you can't. But this —

    BEN: I think it's just kind of the Safari limitation…

    PETE: Yeah [chuckles].

    CHUCK: Every browser should do that. That rise me asked, too.

    PETE: I think they say it's a battery issue more than anything else like they don't want you firing up the radio to download like 50 maybe, to start offering conserve concept.

    BEN: Yeah, they have gotten a little bit more strict on the rules for that, and I don't remember the exact numbers off the top of my head.