017 iPhreaks Show – Performance Tuning with Brandon Alexander



    Brandon Alexander (twitter github blog)
    Pete Hodgson (twitter github blog)
    Jaim Zuber (twitter Sharp Five Software)
    Andrew Madsen (twitter github blog)
    Rod Schmidt (twitter github infiniteNIL)
    Charles Max Wood (twitter github Teach Me To Code Rails Ramp Up)

    01:19 – Brandon Alexander Introduction

    Black Pixel
    Pro iOS 5 Tools: Xcode, Instruments and Build Tools by Brandon Alexander

    02:00 – Performance Tooling & User Experience
    04:30 – Reproducibility with Experiments
    07:50 – Measuring Frame Rate
    09:31 – CPU vs GPU
    12:56 – Tools

    Frames Per Second
    Time Profiler

    16:24 – OpenGL ES
    17:35 – Performance Tuning for Memory-Bound Applications
    19:26 – Memory Allocation
    28:16 – Network Requests

    “ns run loop modes”

    36:14 – Visual Changes in iOS 7 and Performance Tuning
    39:05 – Mocking and Stubbing
    41:15 – Battery Life
    45:24 – Profiling CPU-Bound Stuff


    mmap (Jaim)
    appledoc (Andrew)
    CocoaDocs (Andrew)
    Cocoanetics (Andrew)
    Wil Shipley: Pimp My Code, Part 15: The Greatest Bug of All (Andrew)
    WWDC Videos (Pete)
    Having a “device lab”: picking your supported devices, and test on them (Pete)
    Instapaper (Pete)
    Network Link Conditioner (Pete)
    FormatterKit (Rod)
    The Mathematical Hacker (Rod)
    Pivotal Tracker (Chuck)
    Redmine (Chuck)
    Xcode (Brandon)
    Dash (Brandon)
    Kaleidoscope (Brandon)
    LLDB Python Reference (Brandon)

    Next Week
    Software Craftsmanship with Ken Auer

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    CHUCK: Hey everybody and welcome to Episode 17 of The iPhreaks Show! This week on our panel, we have Pete Hodgson.

    PETE: Hello, hello from San Francisco!

    CHUCK: Jaim Zuber.

    JAIM: Hello from Minneapolis!

    CHUCK: Andrew Madsen.

    ANDREW: Hi from Salt Lake City!

    CHUCK: Rod Schimdt.

    ROD: Hello, hello from Salt Lake!

    CHUCK: I’m Charles Max Wood from DevChat.tv. This week we have a special guest, and that is Brandon Alexander.

    BRANDON: Hello! I’m coming from Atlanta, Georgia.

    CHUCK: Since you haven’t been on the show before, do you want to give us a brief introduction, let us know who you are?

    BRANDON: I’m currently a iOS and hopefully Mac developer for Black Pixel. I do a lot of the client development work and test as much as I can a lot of our products. I’m also an author, a conference speaker, and I’ve also done a training video to appear soon.

    CHUCK: Nice! Sounds like fun! What book did you write? I’m curious…

    BRANDON: The book I wrote is called “Pro iOS 5 Tools”. It’s a couple of versions of iOS old, but the techniques in the book are still completely valid today.

    CHUCK: Very nice. Alright, we’ll tell people to go check it out. We brought you on the show to talk about “Performance Tuning” for your iOS app. I think it’s interesting; we’re talking about a resource-constrained environment. Is it about the user’s experience? Or, are there other concerns as well that we’re trying to optimize for?

    BRANDON: Ultimately, it’s about the user experience. If you try to implement something and the user doesn’t have a good experience with it, or it does something over the phone like battery life, you might want to rethink that feature or rethink the assumptions of your application.